Now curling at Bellerive Ice Center off of Southwest Frwy.
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With the move to Bellerive comes a number of exciting improvements to our experience that we hope you will capitalize on.


The new ice center is installing a laser level system on their resurfacing machine, which should give us the flattest ice we have seen in years and the truest curling game for both beginners and expert curlers


As much of an engineering success as the Scribemaster 3000 was, it is going into storage. We will no longer have to paint houses on the ice before each session, and will be able to see them on the other end of the ice as we deliver.


Now that the painting is complete, we also have hoglines, centerlines, and edge lines for our sheets of ice at Bellerive.


There is a $70 annual club dues fee which covers the cost of insurance and your national club USCA membership, which is unchanged from last year.


Come to the introductory Learn-To-Curl session on Friday, September 26, 2014.At 7:25 pm

If you wish to get back into the game or are brand new to the sport, we hope that you will join us this event. . Cost for this event is $30. ($20 for Students)

We are having a Welcome Back Open House on Saturday, September 27, 2014. At  8:00 pm

Please contact Angela to sign up for the Open House at: angela@acwilcox.co.uk.

  • Our Fall League will run from October 3 through December 13, 2014 (except Holidays).
  • We will have a Friday Night League and a Saturday Night League, and you may plan one or both leagues.
  • Friday Night League games will start at 7:25 PM and Saturday Night League games will start at 8:00 PM. There will be nine sessions for each league.
  • The total cost for each of the week sessions will be $270 for the Fall. Those who sign up for the Fall League will also be given the opportunity to practice for free on their non-league night when we do not have learn-to-curl or coaching week sessions going on.

If you can’t commit to the fall session, you may sign up as a Substitute on a space available basis. We will add your name to the list for Friday and/or Saturday night, so that our league curlers may contact you if they are unable to curl in a given week and need a replacement. ($20 per game for Substitutes)

For our newer members, we also intend to have a short five-week coached Beginner League. This will enable you to play with people of a similar skill level as you’re just starting out, while under the tutelage of some of the more experienced members of the club. You’ll have the opportunity to refine your skills and further learn the strategies, positions and techniques that will make your initial foray into one of our regular leagues much more enjoyable. The cost of our beginner league will be $150.

Students (college undergraduate and below) are eligible for a 50% discount in the league curling dues. If you are a student at HBU, UH, or Rice and would like to help with starting a club curling team on your campus and compete at intercollegiate curling competitions, please contact one of the board members.

We hope to see everyone on the ice soon and Good Curling!


We are so excited about our new location. Please click on the Location tab to see the new address and map.