Curling on the Web (links)

Articles About Curling and The Curling Club of Houston

Courtesy of the Houston Chronicle:

  • Wanna Skate? The Games are Over, but Don’t Fret, Because Houston has Lots of Opportunities for Aspiring Winter Olympians” by Kristin Finan, 2/27/06
  • Making Ends Meet on Ice? That’s Curling” by John Lopez, 2/12/06
  • North Meets South: Transplanted Curlers Keep Local Tradition Sliding Along” by Louis Parks, 11/6/03
  • Salt Lake Spotlight: Pretty Far From the Heartland” by David Barron, 2/12/02
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  • United States Curling Association
  • Canadian Curling Association
  • World Curling Federation
  • Other Texas Curling Clubs (year established)

  • Austin (2006): Lone Star Curling Club
  • Dallas (2002): D/FW Curling Club
  • Curling News

  • TSN’s Curling Coverage
  • In The Hack
  • Curling Information

  • Curling (Wikipedia)
  • Learn to Curl (Canadian Curling Association)
  • CurlTech (“The Curling School” — techniques, equipment)
  • Curling Basics (explanations with animated examples)
  • Curling Supplies
    (The Curling Club of Houston does not officially endorse any of the suppliers listed here. Caveat Emptor.)

  • Steve’s Curling Supplies
  • GoldLine Curling Supplies
  • Alpine Curling Supply
  • Asham