Q: Where do you curl?
A: We curl at Space City Ice Station (www.spacecityice.net) on the southeast side of Houston (just outside the Beltway on I-45).

Q: How large is the club?
A: There are currently 35 members, but that number is growing. The larger the club, the more likely we are to build an actual curling facility.

Q: Is there an age limit for curling?
A: Not really. Our youngest member is 10 and our oldest member is 76. The only requirement is to have enough strength to get the stone down the ice.

Q: When can I come try curling?
A: Any time the we are Cirling  people can come in and try it out. The cost is $20 .

Q: When is your regular season?
A: The Home Page will have the updated schedule.

Q: When is your normal curling time?
A: The normal curling time is Sunday mornings from 9:00-11:00 am and Fridays from 7:10-9:10.

Q: Do you curl any other times than Sunday mornings?
A: Fridays from 7:10-9:10.

Q: Do I need to know how to ice skate?
A: Nope. No skates used — or permitted — in curling! Curlers wear conventional shoes to curl, typically with rubber soles for better traction on the ice. When throwing (delivering) a rock, the lead foot has a teflon “slider;” we’ll show you various footwear options when you visit us.

Q: What do I wear for curling?
A: The best thing to wear is loose fitting athletic clothing and rubber-soled athletic shoes.

Q: What equipment do I need and how much is it?
A: To start with, you don’t need anything. The club has equipment that you can borrow to get started. After the first year, people usually buy equipment to suit their needs. Brooms can cost anywhere from $30 to $180. Sliders and shoes can range in price from $15 to $200.

Q: How much does it cost to join the club?
A: Annual dues are $70. That covers your U.S. Curling Association membership fee, a subscription to the U.S. Curling News, liability insurance for the club, and basic club operating expenses. In addition to the annual dues, there are ice fees for the cost of renting ice, payable by regular season curlers.After the ice fees are determined for the year, the cost is simply divided among the members assigned to teams.

Q: Can I be an Olympic curler?
A: There are two things you need to be Olympic curler. First you need an in-depth understanding of the game. That we can help you with. There are some very experienced curlers in the club with extensive knowledge of the game. The second thing you need is lots of practice time. Unfortunately, we can only get two hours a week of ice time to play games, so that much needed practice time is hard to come by. However, if we get enough members, there is certainly the possibility that we can build our own club and have all the ice time we can handle.

Q: Is there another club nearer to where I live?
A: The only other clubs in Texas are in Dallas and Austin. Unfortunately, having another club, or curling at two locations with the same equipment, just isn’t feasible in the Houston area.

Q: Do I need to form my own team in order to curl with you?
A: Absolutely not. We generally put together teams in the club to balance out the skill level of the teams. This makes the most level playing field, allowing everyone to compete. And, by pairing new curlers with more experienced ones, it allows them learn from those who have curled previously.

Q: Can I form my own team?
A: There is no reason why can’t form your own team. However, we usually try to mix experienced and inexperienced players together to help level the playing field and to help those new to the sport learn the game and its strategy.

Q: Can I schedule an event for my group to come out and curl?
A: Absolutely. In order to schedule an event, you will need to contact us and Space City Ice Station to set up a time. The curling club charges no fees and just asks for a small donation to help cover the equipment that we need to have on hand for such events. Space City does charge a fee for the ice time, and the cost of that varies.